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Art Sevada is an award winning American director, born Artak Sevada Grigorian in a small town of Abovyan, Kotayk region, Armenia on July 23 1972, in the family of renown artists Samuel and Lusin Sevadas. The family immigrated to USA on January 3 1990 prior to the collapse of the Soviet régime. His younger brother Artashes is an accomplished classical composer and sister Seda Sevada is an art historian and a curator.

Art studied violin, piano and woodwind instruments at a local music school in Abovian and after settling in Los Angeles California, in 1997 attended CSUN, studying music composition and visual arts. Has released three albums of original music, titled "Palpitation of a Soul" (1995), "Years of Solitude" (1998), "Disconnected" (2000), distributed by Garni Records Limited (BMI).

In 1998 established Sevada Productions Ltd., a design firm, under which Art executed multimedia and advertising projects for various artists, companies, creative firms, combining his knowledge in computer animation, web animation, programming, television commercials, infomercials, graphic design, professional photography and more.

In 2005 started the filming of the internationally highly recognized, award winning "Sevada Short Films Trilogy" titled "As A Beginning", later to be concluded with the films "Mikosh" and "The Rope". In 2008 was invited to film critically acclaimed "Three Colors in Black & White", which, though highly accepted by the film community in Europe, never got released theatrically in Northern America.




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